Welcome to Flips!

It is our mission to teach children self empowerment through gymnastics and sports. We currently offer classes for all levels and ages from 1 year olds to adult. We believe that gymnastics should be educational, challenging and fun. We are very confident that you will love Flips too and offer a tuition back guarantee to new families at Flips, if you are not entirely satisfied with your class. It is our top priority that the staff at Flips are not only teaching gymnastics and the fundamentals for many other sports, but are providing an environment where children will obtain the skills necessary for a happy, healthy and self-motivating life.

Why Flips

100% Tuition-Back Guarantee
For families brand new to Flips: If after your child's first four lessons; you are not satisfied, for any reason, we will cheerfully refund 100% of your child's class tuition for that Term . . . NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Online Registration
Avoid coming to flips and waiting in lines to register, do it from the comfort of your own home.

Month to Month Billing & Open Registration
With month to month billing we keep tuition at a manageable rate. Additionally, with our month to month billing our classes are always open for registration, no need to wait until the end of a session.

15% Family Multi-Class Discount
When more than one immediate family member is enrolled in the same term, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your family pays full tuition; ALL lesser tuitions are discounted 15%.

Exhibition Competition
This year Flips will be having our first Exhibition Competition. This will be a time that each of our gymnasts ages 6 and older will be able to do routines on each apparatus similar to an Olympic style competition with awards, scores, and more.

About Our Program

Flips is very committed to our clients and will offer the classes, services and team programs that best suit you. If there is something that you are interested in and Flips does not currently have it, bring it to our attention and we will do what we can to include it in our program.

Our procedures and services are designed to benefit you. Here some examples of a few of them. Please see our Procedures to get a detailed information about these services.

  • Convenient Online Registration - a new service in this industry
  • 15% Family Multi-Class Discount
  • Pre-Register Options
  • Progress Reports - For 5+ yrs
  • Level Completion Certificates
  • Exhibition Competition - See Our Exhibition Competition Page
  • Competitive Team see Team Page
  • Make - Up Classes
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • One of the best benefits Flips offers to new families enrolling in their first term is a 100% Tuition-Back Guarantee

In addition to our class program we offer a competitive gymnastics team program. Please see Our Team Home Page to learn more about this program.

Flips Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is to ensure that class/practice is educational, challenging, and fun. We believe that if your child is not having a good time at gymnastics he/she will not continue. It is our intention to help your son/daughter reach their full potential. There are so many life lessons through the sport of gymnastics and Flips takes pride in teaching them.

A few things to remember at Flips
  • If your child likes their class and desires to continue, we highly recommend registering for additional classes in order to successfully achieve their goals.
  • Each gymnast will be challenged at their level and pace.
  • Your gymnast will not only learn about gymnastics but about themselves as well.

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