Kerry R.

Kerry Rudy, Instructor | Flips Gymnastics | Frederick MD

    Kerry R.

      Instructor at Flips Since 2011

      What is your favorite thing about working with kids? My favorite thing about working with kids is watching them grow. I enjoy watching their skills develop but more importantly how their confidence grows as they work through new skills and challenges.

      What is your past experience with tumbling, cheer or gymnastics? Growing up I was always involved in gymnastic or tumbling in some way. When I was younger I was a completive gymnast and in highschool became more involved in tumbling and cheerleading. I was a Co Ed cheerleader for the University of Delaware for 4 years. Out of college I was also an assistant coach of the Towson Cheerleading team

      What is your biggest accomplishment? Being a Mom

      How long have you been working in your field? I have been coaching at Flips for about 7 years.

      Favorite things when not at work? My favorite things when not at home are spending time with my family, watching my kids grow in their sports and activities. I also enjoy just relaxing by the pool or on a beach if possible.

      Favorite thought or quote? she thought she could, so she did.

      Words that best describe you? Loud, caring, energetic

      Birthday? November 14th

      Our Facility

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