Jenn B.

Jen B - Staff | Flips Gymnastics | Frederick MD

    Jenn B.

      Instructor at Flips Since 2017

      What is your favorite thing about working with kids? I love watching a child learn and grow into their own person. They bring such creativity and joy to each class. The best feeling is watching a student improve each session while just having fun and really enjoying what they’re doing.

      What is your past experience with tumbling, cheer or gymnastics? I have been dancing for 15 years doing poms and dance classes. In high school I was captain of my dance team and also hip hop captain for competition season. My routines always had alot of stunts and tricks incorporated. I have taught acro for 2 years now.

      What is your biggest accomplishment? One of my biggest accomplishments is leading my dance team to states in 2015. My dance won 1st place then my team overall won state championship.

      How long have you been working in your field? II have been a dance teacher for alittle over 2 years

      Favorite things when not at work? I love maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of work. Some of my favorite things to do is dance and listen to music, hike with my dogs, play sports, go to the gym and hangout with friends and family.

      Favorite thought or quote? “you can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”

      Words that best describe you? positive, bubbly, motivated, sporty, creative, passionate, open-minded

      Birthday? April 17th.

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