Our Tumbling program at Flips is a very progressive program that strongly focuses on the basics. Not only working on the strength and flexibility required to be a good tumbler, but the positions of each skill required for upper level tumbling. We use many mats, props and drills on all different apparatus to strengthen their skills; i.e trampoline track, trampoline, air bounce track, spring floor, belt and rod bounce floor.

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Tumble 1: Ages 7 - 15

This class is designed to teach our beginner level students the basics of tumbling. They will work on cartwheels, round-offs, walk-overs and begin to learn the mechanics of a back-hand-spring. As your child takes this class they will not only perfect and strengthen their basic tumbling skills but they will also work the strength and flexibility needed to do the higher level tumbling skills.

Tumble 2: Ages 7 - 15

This class has no limits! After your child has the basics under their belt, have mastered their round-off and has the basic knowledge and understanding of a back-hand-spring, they will be invited to join this class. Tumble 2 will work on everything from round-off back-hand-springs to double fulls or double backs. Whatever your tumbling level is, we got you covered.
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