Policies & Procedures

Registration Details

Annual $50 Family Administration Fee

Your family registration fee is due upon initial registration and annually on the anniversary of your First Class. This fee defrays administrative costs and insurance fees.

15% Family Multi-Class Discount

When more than one immediate family member is enrolled in the same term, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your family pays full tuition; ALL lesser tuitions are discounted 15%.

100% Tuition-Back Guarantee

For families brand new to Flips: If after your family's first 2 Lessons you are not entirely satisfied, Flips will cheerfuly refund 100% of your child's tuition for that Term ONLY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Not Available for our Summer Weekly Program.

Account on File

At Flips we require to keep your account on file for monthly tuition. We will securely keep your information on file and automatically charge your monthly tuition.If at anytime you wish to stop payment and end your class, you are required to notify us by the 25th of the month to stop payment.. Otherwise there is a possibility that your card will be charged. Not available for Summer Weekly Program.

Stop Enrollment

If you ever wish to take a break from classes (which we never hope you do). You will be required to let us know via email at tanya@flipsfun.com by no later than the 25th to ensure that your card will not be charged for the preceding month. If you have not dropped your class by the 5th of the month you will receive a $25 Late Drop Fee.
Not available for ourSummer Weekly Program.

Open Registration

At Flips we honor open registration. This means that we take registrations at any time. When you register your tuition will be pro-rated and you will only be charged for the weeks that you register.

Client Portal

Go online re-register for classes, make payments, receive messages from Flips staff members and update your file information; all from the comfort of your own home.

Privacy Policy

I understand that Flips respects and is committed to protecting my privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also may automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

Payment Specifics

Pay by E-CHECK
We prefer that all of our clients use our E-CHECK system that charges your account as an ACH. We also except the following: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. You may pay online, mail-in registration or drop payments off in drop box at front desk.

NSF Check Policy: If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), there will be a fee of $25.00.

Late Fee Policy

Flips, reserves the right to charge your account a $25.00 late fee if payment is not received by the 5th of the month.

Gym Procedures

Weather Cancellation Policy

Please see our website if you are concerned that we may close due to inclement weather. We do not follow Frederick County Public Schools and will have up to date information on the home page of our website, if no access to the internet no problem give us a call. If your class is cancelled due to inclement weather you will have the choice to schedule a make-up or 2 free passes to open gym; and if there are multiple closings we will offer make-up classes.

What to Wear

Due to safety concerns we require a dress code. It is important to come to class wearing fitted clothing with no zippers, buttons, skirts, footed tights or socks. Hair must be tied back and secure. We offer gymnastics leotards and shorts available for purchase at Flips.

Make-Up Classes

Just like college, your tuition pays for a class spot, REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. However, as a courtesy; Flips offers make-ups when doing so does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the class. Hence, make-up procedures vary class to class, depending on safety concerns, space, equipment, and teaching ratios. A make-up class must be scheduled in advance by a Flips representative to be valid. Remember: Make-Ups are a privilege. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE MAKE-UPS.

A Punctuality Plea

Parents, for the sake of your child and their class, please be on time! Being late is far more difficult on a child than what many parents realize. In addition, it greatly distracts the rhythm of the class and could be considered a safety issue if they miss the stretch period.

Well Policy

It is in the best interest of all of our members, parents and guests that if your child is ill with something that someone else can catch that they stay home. It is the Flips well policy that they are bug and fever free for a period of 24 hours; remember that we do allow make-ups.


For student safety, students are only permitted to register and attend classes at the level that Flips staff places them in. If a parent is concerned or curious about how their child is doing, you may request a written evaluation of your child's progress from their instructor or any Flips staff. If you register your child for the wrong class, we do not guarantee that we will be able to get you into the appropriate class.


If Current Students would like to request a class change then a request needs to be made before the priority deadline to ensure priority status with the class change. If the class change is made during the term there will be a $15 charge unless class change is due to birth-date. STAFF IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE, CLOSE OR MOVE A CLASS DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT. FLIPS ALSO HAS THE RIGHT TO END CLASS EARLY IF THE CLASS ATTENDANCE FOR THAT DAY IS 3 STUDENTS OR LESS.

Annual Trophy

Any child that has CONTINOUS enrollment in our program for one year, will receive a participation trophy. They will receive larger trophies for each subsequent year of enrollment. We feel that this rewards the student who has dedicated herself to a single task for at least one year. (We like to present these on a special "Trophy Night" which is held twice a year.)

Pick Up

Please ask your child to wait inside Flips and AKA. For security, you must escort your child from the gym to your car. Flips teachers and staff are not responsible for your child before and after class.

Photo Release

I understand and acknowledge that, from time to time throughout the year, my child's picture or video might be taken while participating in classes, practices and or functions involving Flips. I do hereby authorize Flips to use these photographs or videos for the purposes of illustration, advertisement and publication in any manner pertaining to Flips.

* Priority Deadline is for Current Students, New Students DO NOT WAIT for Priority Deadline...REGISTER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.
** Term V features FLEXI-SCHEDULE...Register for ONLY the weeks you'll be in town!

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Q & A

  1. How often do I have to register for classes?
  2. Can I drop my child/children off for classes?
  3. Why does Flips refund Tuition after the first four lessons if I am not satisfied?
  4. What is the $50 annual Family Administrative Fee for?
  5. Do you offer make-up classes?
  6. How do you keep my account information safe?

Q: How often do I have to register for classes?
A: We are a month to month program, your child will be automatically re-enrolled monthly through til the end of our school year term. If at any time you wish to drop you must let us know by the 25th of the month. Your family registration will be good for an entire year. You can then re-register online or at our front desk.

Q: Can I drop my child/children off for classes?
A: Flips makes a concerted effort to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. However, it is impossible to always distinguish an adult intent on abducting a child from a parent legitimately waiting for their child. Flips is NOT equipped to supervise children before or after classes. Parents of children who are unable to safely supervise themselves are advised to stay ON SITE during their child's class and be at appropriate pickup areas when class ends. Thank you for helping facilitate safety for all children.

Q: Why does Flips refund Tuition after the first 2 lessons if I am not satisfied?
A: The real value in our programs can only be measured over the long run. However, kids learn on their own schedule and we know that if a child is not 'ready' for a particular program now, given time, she/he is likely to want to try again at some future date. We also know that you will be less hesitant to 'give it another try' if you feel you have not wasted your money the first time around.

Q: What is the $50 annual Family Administrative Fee for?
A: To encourage consistency in attendance over the year. The benefits of any educational program comes from long term involvement and our choice to charge an annual administrative fee rather than slightly increasing tuition over the year is to encourage consistency. It may help to remind readers that some industries such as martial arts and health clubs opt for yearly contracts while others such as academic schools and some dance schools opt for semester payments. Our 'soft' approach still allows in/out flexibility for those families who need it for one reason or another.

Q: Do you offer make-up classes?
A: We offer make-ups in programs where doing so does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the class.

Q: How do you keep my account information safe
A:All of your account information is triple encrypted, stored offsite in multiple locations with an SSL and uses a Federal authorized gateway company.

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