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Mini Gymnasts: Ages 4 & 5

This class meets twice a week for 1 hour. In this class your child will work towards the skills necessary to be considered a level 2 gymnast. This is a faster paced class for the mini gymnast that show greater than average body control, strength and flexibility.

Little Gymnast: Ages 4-6

Our Little gymnast program meets twice a week for 1:30 hours. This class is to prepare your daughter for our Pre-Team. At the end of this year program your daughter will be considered a Level 3 gymnast, mastering round-offs, back-walk-over, hand stands on the beam, back-hip-circles on bars.

Pre-Team: Ages 5-8

This class is considered a part of our competitive team. These girls workout 3 hours Tuesdays and Fridays with our competitive girls. At the end of the season it is our goal that your daughter will have their round-off back-hand-spring and be ready to compmete. As a part of the team your child will be invited to the holiday party, banquet and other Flips Team Events.
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