Our Gymnastics Program at Flips is designed after the USA Gymnastics Program. USA Gymnastics is the top governing body of Gymnastics in our country. Many of the top gymnasts that you know from previous Olympics as well most of our country’s college gymnasts come have come through this program. We feel that this program will help your child best pursue their gymnastic goals.

In our Flips Gymnastics Program, your daughter will receive skill evaluations and Level Completion Certificates as they complete each level.
In addition we host two exhibition competitions each year; one in December and one in May. The skills and routine sets that your daughter will be working on in her classes, will specifically prepare her for this event. Click here for more information.

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Level 1: Ages 7 - 12

All gymnasts begin as a level 1. They will maintain this status until they can do a bridge kick-over on floor, a pull-over on bars and have mastered their cartwheels and rolls.

Level 2: Ages 7 - 12

With the completion of Level 1 your child will learn how to perform a backbend, a handstand bridge, and a round-off on floor; on bars they will need to show their pull-over and back-hip-circle, with the completion of these skills your daughter will receive their level 2 Award Certificate.

Level 3: Ages 7 - 12

With the completion of Level 2 your child will learn to perform on floor a back-walk-over, front-limber and a round-off with flight. On bars they will need to perform a pull-over, back-hip-circle, and a stride-circle or a front-hip-circle. On beam they will show that they can do an L-handstand. At the completion of these skills they will receive their level 3 Award Certificate. As your child shows mastery in these skills, they can then be considered for our competitive teams.

Level 4: Ages 7 - 12

With the completion of Level 3 your child will learn how to perform a front-walk-over and a round-off back-hand-spring on floor; a handstand and handstand dismount on beam; a front-hip-circle, stride-circle and a back-hip-circle dismount; and handstand to flat back on the resi for vault. After these main elements can be demonstrated your child will receive their Level 4 Award Certificate.

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